For World Migratory Bird Day 2018, three important organizations in the Banderas Bay —comprising three municipalities in two states— gathered to collectively host events for expert birders, newcomer hobbyists and nature enthusiasts alike for the very first time in the region. Focusing all their efforts on educating people about bird species, its importance to the ecosystems and to our own health, and the environmental challenges they face, these organizations held talks, bird watching treks, contests and movie screenings free to the public. The organizers hands-on, fun approach to education inspired the event's visual identity: in order to bring to life this celebration of birds, a dash of quirkiness was needed.

Old encyclopedic bird illustrations were repurposed and dressed in their fanciest attire for such a magnificent occasion. Grandiose hats were dusted for the birds to wear, a tasteful chromatic system was applied throughout, and splendid type was set to complete the event's identity. The result is timeless quirk and classy fun.

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